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Alleghany Highlands Emergency Website Alert Participation
Patents US 7,720,998 B2, US 7,836,207, US Application 20110119398, International and PTO Pending.

We encourage public website participation in The Alleghany Highlands Office of Emergency Management Internet Alert System. By following the below easy instructions your website can participate in emergency Internet alerts initiated by emergency management staff in Alleghany Highlands area of Virginia. This can save the lives of our citizens by providing them quick access to emergency details through local Internet websites.  This advanced warning system facilitates emergency warnings and news through websites during an emergency or threat.  To include emergency banners on your website during a local disaster  or threat you will need your own website domain address and then you will need to undertake small changes to your EXTERNAL DNS setup. 

If you do not have your own web address then please register one and have your web developer setup and use your new address, then you will receive setup instructions after registering the website with FastCommand.

Register Your Website With FastCommand

Sample Directions On How To Edit Your Existing DNS Server To Partipate

1. Add a www2 'A' record that matches your existing www record. Your www and your www2 now point to your homepage.

2. Change the existing www record to a "CNAME" record on your EXTERNAL DNS server so that it now points to the FastCommand switch domain specified below:


3.  Configure your web server to respond to the www2 record as if it was the www record.  Please Note: Do NOT redirect the www2 record to the www record.

Make sure you access your new www2 address. See that it is visible in your Internet Browser to confirm it is setup correctly. Example (

Additional Elective Steps For Optimal Use

For more information please contact David Webster via email ( or phone (205) 752-5050 ext 113.